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Natalia Kaut designer

By zerafina idris, 06/19/2013 - 17:16

Natalia Kaut is an award winning London designer specializing in High-End / Haute Couture.
Established in 2011 in London. Natalia started her career as a Creative Director. She has created bold collections, mixing structured silhouettes and 60's high waist designs with geometric graphic prints. Natalia embraces arabesque detailing and creates functional, wearable clothing. Natalia's inspiration primarily comes from music as she studied to be a concert pianist in her early years.

All outfits are exclusively hand made in England from the finest fabrics. Individually hand cut leather pieces are hand sewn onto silk producing unique one-off pieces. Pleated, ruffled and layers of soft flowing silk create luxurious and feminine dress that flatter the female form. All placement of cut-out pieces is carefully considered to show a hit of flesh for elegant, wearable designs with a hint of sexual provocation. Beautiful ostrich feathers are sourced for the more extravagant pieces which will make you stand out from the crowd.

Natalia Kaut makes two seasonal collections per year, actively takes part in local and international fashion events and has begun to make accessories to complement the collections as well as being beautiful stand alone pieces.

Collections of the designer are playful, sometimes very extravagant, but feminine and cosy at the same time. A Woman by Natalia Kaut is successful, charming, mysterious and sensible individual of any age group."